Picture by: Mathijs Verstegen

I’m an allround musician who plays the piano, keys and (electric) violin in different genres, like jazz, pop and classical music. Starting with classical music, I’ve been drifting towards improvisation, pop and jazz during my teenage years.

In the last years, I’ve been doing studio sessions, arranging, composing and live performances on both piano as violin. I have played in many orchestra’s and bands like the Marvin Dee band, The Bullfight, Ricciotti ensemble, Sorrindo, Het Klassiek Collectief, the National Student Jazz Orchestra (lead). the National Student Orchestra and in a fusion jazz band.

The Bullfight – Live in the Roode Bioscoop
Music: Ludo de Goeje Text: Nick Teunissen
Composing and production of soundtrack of the animation video for Beeldpraat.
Multi-instrumentalist and arranger for the theater play Enkeltje Holandija
String arrangement and session musician (violin) for the recording of House of Cards
Skip step – cover by Jonas Nieuwenbroek (drums), Nick Verschoor (guitar and bass), and Ludo de Goeje (keys)
Dit Nooit Meer – Nick Teunissen – dodenherdenking 2023 – arrangement by Ludo de Goeje
Violin recording for the Kingfisher Sky album Arms of Morpheus and the single To Turn the Tables.
Improvisation on electric violin with loop station
Composing and recording strings, accordeon and synthesizer for ‘Het Interview’, an album by The Bullfight.
My latest album recording (violin) with Sorrindo, a Brazilian jazz band devoted to the music of Hermeto Pascoal.
Studio recordings (violin) for Kingfisher Sky’s album: Arms of Morpheus.